Friday, April 26, 2013

The beauty ahead

It was work to climb the backside of this dune I am sitting on. I am fatigued. My legs are slightly throbbing. I am a bit winded.

I looked back a few times. As I ascended the hill the beauty if Muskegon Lake sparkled in the sun. Another stop towards the top and I saw the house I am blessed with.

But when I reached the top of the due , there it was, the beauty of all the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan.

In that moment God spoke to my heart telling me although there is beauty behind me when I look back, there is a greater beauty ahead. Just like the work of climbing the dune was exhausting, the weary work of moving through life these past two years will bring me towards that beauty.

And my heart is rejoicing as I sit here with the refreshing breeze and the sun warming my face.


Heart connection

I have always loved my boys, but these last few days I can really tell that we have developed a deeper heart connection.

It is spring break and I took time off so they would not have to be in childcare.

It has just been reacting to what they may want to do for fun, and watching movies, and snuggling, and laughing.

Yup, I have always loved them, but right now I can really feel it on a new level.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have been entering the spiritual world lately through the works of CS Lewis, specifically through The Screwtape Letters. I am only 1/3 the way through, but I think this piece of work is brilliant.

The struggle between good and evil and each little battle within each life. A host of demons working together, strategizing to capture our souls for an eternal feast. Elder demons teaching and training the younger ones. A remembrance that there is a spiritual battle being waged in a realm that we cannot fathom.

Perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned this far though is a simple thought. God is bigger than I know. The scripture that says even the demons believe there is a God, and they shutter, is a bit more real to me through the first 11 letters. Screwtape reminds wormwood often that we as people do not live in the same spiritual form they do and as a result we are not constantly reminded of how great a power his light is. Screwtape talks about being in constant pain because of the overwhelming presence of "the Enemy."

Our God is greater, so much greater than we know.