Monday, January 02, 2017

Year One

Sitting here just settling my heart.  The flurry of the holidays mixed with 2 kids birthdays is done. Tomorrow I head back to work. 

It's January 2, meaning I am thinking about the past year but also thinking about the future. Not just my future, our future.  

We have made it a year babe. While I knew right away there was something about you, and shortly after that that I knew I wanted to be your husband and have you as my wife, this year, Year One, has solidified us.  A year ago we were two hopeful people. Along the way we have been learning. Year One has brought us together as one.  There are certainly days where our one has been tested. Days where I didn't trust you because other people had been untrustworthy. Year One was a display of your tenderness and grace towards me when you saw my ugliness or brokenness. Year One you showed me what a servant looks like and challenged me, without words, to give more of myself to others.  Year One challenged me to be vulnerable and taught me to be real in new ways.  

I could keep talking about Year One, and how YOU made my life better, but you are sitting here next to me and I am excited to talk about what Year Two or maybe even Year 42 will look like. 

I love you T Lynn. Happy Year One!