Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ryan's latest tricks

it seems like every day ryan is coming up with some new trick that he is doing. here are some recent ones:

he made his own picks for march madness - and was tied for 5th place in the wilke wilke league, but paul deleted him becuase he was doing so well.

he counts to 11

he loves mr. scribs pizza, well i should say he loves the crust. he took all the toppings of the 3.5 pieces he ate

he tucks his bear, dog, and pooh doll in after he gets up in the morning

he likes the newer song 3r's by jack johnson. reduce reuse recycle. it is on the curious george soundtrack

he doesn't want to be inside at all and will stand by the door and ask to go out (continuously) even after we just finished playing at the park for over an hour.

and a bunch of other things as well...