Monday, October 27, 2014


The frogturduck is my unique hybrid that I made with a red eyed tree frog, a painted turtle and a duck.  Frogturducks are good at surviving because they are good fliers, swimmers and climbers.
            Frogturducks are omnivores which mean that they eat both plants and animals.  They can live in a lot of different places because they have an aquatic diet and a land diet.  They can stick their head underwater (like a duck) and eat algae, small fish and mollusks.  If they get tired of sticking their head underwater and swimming, then there are always bugs!  Frogturducks also like to eat insects like moths, flies and crickets.

            Food is not the only thing that frogturducks need to survive because they are not on the top of the food chain.  They have many predators.  If they are flying then they could be taken down an eagle or a hawk.  If they are swimming they could be eaten by a big fish like a northern pike.  If they are taking a little nap then a snake could eat one up.  They usually rely on camouflage because they have brown feathers blend in with tree bark and dead leaves.  If a frogturduck does get caught off guard then there is a slim chance that it will be protected by its hard, but light shell.  If they see a snake coming then it will fly away or climb a tree using its sticky foot pads.  

by Ryan Peoples