Saturday, August 09, 2014

on giving up

i have to admit, giving up when the road is difficult seems like a pleasant idea.  there is another path right there, and down that path is what you really want.  take the path.

that internal conversation is a constant one it seems like.

but you would think that i have learned by now that just because i am feeling empty and lost and not gaining any ground towards my desired destination...when it feels like it is going backwards and a bit out of control that i would stop those conversations with the reminder that every time i have gone down that road, it only takes me further away from my destination.  

i find it best to have a conversation instead  that ends with "trust God, he is for you.

i used to think that Jeremiah 29:11, a verse that is often thrown around about Gods provision.  I used to think that is what it is about at least...with the "plans to prosper you and not to harm you" part and all.

but today, i find that verse different.

written in the context to a people far from home, a people broken and with shattered dreams, this verse is a very intimate conversation that we can identify with.  

i would paraphrase it something like this, "your dreams are not dead because i am the dream giver.  i breathe life into all things.  so hope beyond hope, and hold fast to your dreams of home.  wait in anticipation.  i will deliver."

its my paraphrase, but that, that is what ends the conversation about giving up.